Our Mission

We are joining global efforts & local impact.

Our Vision

A for profit business with a not-for -profit heart.

Our Strategy

For now, we are transforming art into products, researching sustainable products and recycled goods. Our aim is to create a sustainable economy and give back to conservation and good causes by unifying for-profit sectors with not-for-profit sectors.

Meet the Team


Founder & CEO

A Visual Communication Specialist, a creative highly individual motivated by learning experiences. Beginning her career in a fast-paced private work environment - the fashion world; then leading to a decade of not-for-profit experience. Favourite past time is promoting her talented friends work.

Aqua Life

Underwater Photographer

Mau Riquelme, founder of Aqualife Photography is also an avid dive instructor. His addiction for the ocean makes him renowned for extra long dives and makes him everyone's favourite divemaster. He works pretty much every day of the week and when he finishes he edits his pictures of divers and marine life. His passion for the ocean inspired his passion for photography, so he can enjoy marine life when he isn't in the water.


 Artist & Bestie

By day and/or night KV is a Restaurant Owner and Manager, with her hubby. She has a  passion for art, caring and inspiring others. She's a book worm and makes it her mission to ensure people get their fix of good books and movies.


All Round Artist

Ru-dog, Ruaridh Crighton has dedicated his life to art in many forms. He is one of those annoying people who can pick up a camera and take incredible images without ever having studied. He directs visually dramatic short films with zero resources. He writes his opinion, short stories, about politics, sexuality, cryptic messages and does the same with his art. Find out more here.

Next Steps...

We are a diverse group of people capable of a mountain of services. Check them out here,